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7 Amazing Benefits of Consuming blueberries Every Day

Consuming blueberries Every Day

Blueberries look exotic; taste delicious; are packed with nutrients and are a favorite among the old and young alike. But what sets them apart from a host of other fruit varieties in India is the fact that they are counted among superfoods, which is a tag of honor in and of itself.

Superfoods are not your regular food items; they are rare and are looked upon highly for their exceptional nutrient density. 

But can you consume this superfood daily? Rather, let's ask it this way, "What will happen if you eat blueberries every day?" Read on to find out-

  • When taken daily, blueberries are believed to boost cardiovascular health by several notches. The antioxidants in them, called polyphenols, keep triglycerides in the body at an optimum level. Cardiovascular diseases are almost like an epidemic in India and are a major cause of death across the world. If this aspect doesn't bother you now just because you feel healthy, it is a matter of concern. Yes, staying away from smoking, exercising regularly, and keeping your weight within a healthy range is all very fine, but ignoring the aspect of food could cause all your other efforts to go in vain. So, add blueberries to your menu right away. 

  • One of the reasons why sugar levels are not static in diabetic patients is a condition called insulin resistance, wherein cells cease to respond normally to the action of insulin (a hormone responsible for blood glucose regulation). Thankfully, eating blueberries regularly could trigger better glycaemic control. This means people with type 2 diabetes should include blueberries in their diet without doubts and apprehensions.

  • Blueberries and mental health are closely connected. These fruits are so highly packed in antioxidants that their consumption can keep one's mind healthy, sharp, and active. The antioxidant content can also prevent deterioration in the brain's functioning that might occur as a result of aging.

  • Blueberries may be considered the best immunity booster natural supplements as they boost your immunity like no other fruit does. As a result, common cold, cough, allergies, and other health issues that arise due to compromised immunity never bother you. 

  • True, blueberries are not native to India, still, if you can manage a constant supply, commit yourself to take a small portion of these berries on a daily basis. It will boost your metabolism and will help you stay protected from all metabolic disorders.

  • Hypertension is a lifestyle disease that has become so common that people have started not taking it seriously. But high blood pressure, when left untreated, can lead to fatality. Thankfully, to keep your blood pressure level healthy, you don't always need clinical intervention. Sometimes, with foods like blueberries, things can be brought back to the track.

  • DNA damage is one of the most important reasons why people suffer from terminal diseases like cancer. Oxidative DNA damage is also the reason why humans age. Although stopping this natural process is impossible, you can slow it down with the daily consumption of blueberries and other nutritive food items packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants in blueberries help neutralise free radicals that might damage your DNA.

The discussion so far clearly points out the benefits of eating blueberries every day. Hence, if you

have considered adding them to your diet, then do so without a second thought. Just make sure you consume them in their raw state. Cooked blueberries lose a lot of their nutritional value.

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